child-17387_1920We provide marriage and couples counseling for dyads that are experiencing distress and desire to strengthen their relationships. Marriage and relationship counseling can help couples become closer. Counseling may be beneficial for couples who may be heading towards a divorce, or just want to get along better after a separation and continue in co- parenting.

Counseling can also help improve intimacy, communication and target specific areas of conflict such as money, in-laws, and parenting.

Almost 60% of first marriages end in divorce, and nearly 80% of those couples report that the reason for divorce was that they were growing apart. Our couples counseling utilizes The Gottman Method, a positive approach that focuses on repair, and creating shared meaning and influence, by strengthening the friendship system within a marriage. You can find out more about this approach at:


The Gottman Relationship Check-up

gottman_checkup_badge_200-7d76ba9c9bdeb23d012a2b7dc6422e6cThis is a thorough couples assessment which can be either web based or on paper. Fully HIPAA compliant with 480 questions in 5 unique sections, this assessment not only automatically scores a relationship’s strengths and challenges, but also provides personalized feedback for effective intervention.

Couples intensive weekends

This service is designed for busy couples who may not have the time to attend weekly sessions but would like to fit 10-12 hrs of counseling into a weekend marital retreat. Combine the couple’s intensive weekend with a visit to quaint Mt. Dora and stay at a local bed and breakfast and enjoy shops & restaurants. Because this takes some pre- planning please call a few weeks ahead for setting it up and making arrangements.

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